☀Guns are an essential part of Bobs TDM server and the community itself. Unlike most DarkRP servers who buy or download server addons for guns, Bob hand-codes all of the guns present so that they can work together with the features within the server to fit seamlessly. To reduce the download time for new players and server data, Bob codes "New" guns using the CSS models and the native models withing the game itself. Because of this most of the guns have the same models but different properties. For example the same model for a RPG could be a Harpoon Launcher, Junk Launcher or even a Fatman (Mini-Nuke). The "rarity" of guns is based on Four Levels: Cheap, Normal, Special, Unique. Cheap guns are what the player will spawn with when playing a combat class (If they didnt equip a custom one already) and they are one of the types of guns that cannot be placed in the players inventory. Regular guns can be bought as the gun dealer, Bought from one of the combat suppliers, Or aquired from killing zombies. These guns can be modified and placed in the players inventory. Special guns are guns that can be crafted or aquired by different means, they cannot be modified but they can be placed in the players inventory (Excluding specific guns) and finally Unique guns are valuable and very expensive with the cheapest ones being selled for 5 million. In order to get these you must buy it off of someone who already has one or in certain cases buy it off of bob himself, like the special guns it cannot be modified but be placed in the players inventory. A listing of uniques with updated lists of users and what guns they have is here:

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